Horizonte Resort, Hotel & Spa, has 10-15 hours of Centuries old Pathways you will be able to enjoy. Hike the luxuriant cloud forest mountains where there is always a gentle breeze.  Two miles to the north of Horizonte Resort, Hotel & Spa, you have Finca de Suiza and The Lost and Found. Finca de Suiza has over 20 Kms of hiking trails and we can schedule a tour. The Lost and Found has 10-15 hours of hiking trails that leads you through some of the oldest forest in Panama. Walk or hike the ancient nature trails at dawn when the local wildlife is singing its praise as the highlands awaken. 


By 4wheels, dirt bikes, or 2 and 4 passenger ATV buggies, you can enjoy a pleasant tour to the waterfalls. It is the most intense way to live this experience with nature, taking advantage of the different spaces and reliefs that the mountains offer for various high adrenaline emotions.


Trusted trainers will accompany you until you are ready to ride a horse. Touring the small trails that exist between the hills of the more than 129 hectares or 323 acres of the resort property, horseback riding is one of the best ways to go to the waterfall and River Esti.

Further at the Waterfalls Circle H Getaway awaits you with cold beer, drinks of your choice and snacks.


Just an hour away, there is Boca Chica where you can find local fishermen who take tourists, to the beautiful islands off the coast where in addition to fishing, you can snorkel, dive and explore some of the most beautiful white sand beaches found in the Pacific Ocean.


Enjoy beautiful white sand beaches with clear water Aqua Blue.


Snorkeling, kayaking, diving and observation of: birds, green iguanas, humpback whales (from August), hammerhead sharks, dolphins, multiple species of sea turtles and giant rays; are some of the activities that you can find at an hour or less from Horizonte Resort, Hotel & Spa, in islands such as Boca Brava, Párida, or beaches such as La Barqueta and Las Lajas.

The options are so varied that it is difficult to determine which is the best!


Nearby, the Gariche, Majagua, Fonseca, Chiriqui Viejo and Rio Grande rivers will be waiting for you for a new adventure!


Each one varies in difficulty, size and speed so that each adventurer finds the experience to his liking and level of difficulty, from the beginner to the most advanced.


For coffee lovers, this tour learns about its production, processing and the types of coffee that exist. You can see the crops, toast yourself and taste, to get an experience through all your senses.

You can also see fruit trees, diverse flowers, birds, a brook, mountains of virgin forest, breeding of agouti, bee farming and much more.


Just a short distance of 35 miles from Bella Vista close to the town of Boquette one can play at the Valle Escondido Golf course or in the near future construction of a new 18 hole golf course will be completed at Cielo Paraiso, Boquete.

Imagine - an early morning round of eighteen, a leisurely gourmet lunch at the Clubhouse and return in the afternoon for a glass of wine on your terrace overlooking the lush, green mountains of Horizonte Resort, Hotel & Spa!